Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains is not intended for people under 18 and is for informational, medical, educational and research purposes only.

Welcome, Cannabis Strains will compile a list of the very best strains of cannabis by the highest quality cannabis seeds breeders known around the world. A great grower's aid in the search for cannabis seeds strains like Afghani, Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, White Widow, White Queen, Big Bud, Durban Poison, Lemon Ice, Purple Power Bud. The newest craze in cannabis strains is feminized cannabis seeds, grown under the right conditions produces all female plants. Another new grow technology is autoflower cannabis seeds that flower under any environmental conditions.

Cannabis strains domain is split into 3 categories defined to help consumers make an informed decision if a grower is in the market to buy medical cannabis seeds online or simply get to know types of cannabis. The 3 marijuana strains are cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis hybrids. Each of those 3 categories are split into indoor and outdoor strains. Have fun exploring the origins of your favorite marijuana. You will encounter cannabis terminology that may be unfamiliar, for more definitions check out our sister site marijuana genetics.

Cannabis Disclaimer: This website is for medical, education, scientific research, fun, novelty and souvenir value. This domain does not buy/sell/trade anything. You will find reference to 3rd party websites. This domain has no control on the content and policies of 3rd party websites. Please review other policies and terms from other websites. We encourage no one to do anything against the laws of their countries, states and municipalities. Medical cannabis is legal in over 30 countries to date, please stay within the parameters of your medical cannabis licenses.

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