Craft Cannabis

craft cannabis strains
Craft Cannabis

Welcome to the Vancouver Island, BC collection of craft cannabis strains. An online data base growing over time. Return often for updates.

Crafters consistently grow the best cannabis. Proven year after year to be the favorites of the world. You can grow the same high quality pot strains. The most effective potent strains of marijuana will grow different in other parts of the world. Start crafting your own types of cannabis.

Discover the sweet tastes, and smelly overtones. See the new signature craft strains of today. Ancestor crafters of the past are not forgotten. A collection of the top 12 kyndes are always available for ordering. Everything listed now 100% legal to own.

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Choosing Craft Cannabis Strains

Choosing the best strain of marijuana for you is not difficult. All our craft cannabis strains are regular cannabis seeds. Nothing has been genetically altered. Nothing has been chemically added.

Growing factors can change genetic make up. Different types of nutrients produce different shade of green leaves. No CO2 integration leads to undeveloped leaves. The size of your potter can determine looks. Growing from seeds produces different genetic shading. Yield and height are determined by individual grow techniques. Ancestral traits can come to the forefront. THC potency is determined by growing conditions. Growing and curing time influences CBD production.

Indica dominant produces short thick plants with dark green broad leaves. Flowering in 8 to 10 weeks with thick dense flower tops. Origins traced back to Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. More of a body stone.

Sativa dominant is polar opposite of indica. Tall, thin plants, narrow leaves, lighter green colors. Likes to stretch in height. Origins are traced back to Mexico, Columbia and southeast Asia. A good head stone. A great outdoor favorite.

Most every strain in the world is a hybrid. Combining different sativa with indica breeds will produce the corresponding traits of each. Actual percentage each strain will contain is not exact.


Best craft cannabis strains available right now.