Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Hybrid cannabis strains are a mix of indica and sativa strains.

Hybrid cannabis strains are the favorites of all pot growers because of enormous THC levels and different plant characteristics growers can manipulate. Breeders take the best of the indica world such as high CBD levels and breed that with the best of the sativa world such as high THC levels, now you've got some super pot. Another genetic trait to consider when breeding hybrid cannabis is the indica bush and the sativa long stems to produce a large yielding plant. Flavors of sweet indica are blended with the fruity taste of sativa to produce new exciting berry flavors of smoke.

 White widow being the most famous hybrid cannabis strain could perhaps be the most potent of all. Now growers can choose from cannabis strains that are better suited for outdoor or indoor gardens. A good sativa can have it's growth period reduced by cross breeding with a fast flowering outdoor indica like a Master Kush and Northern Lights.

Indoor Hybrid Cannabis Strains

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Indoor hybrid cannabis strains allow the best choice for specific indoor or greenhouse growing conditions, as cross bred strains suit different gardens. Find and buy your indoor cannabis seeds strain Click Here For Indoor Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Outdoor Hybrid Cannabis Strains

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Outdoor cannabis hybrid strains allow the outdoor enthusiast flexibility in geographical location. Find and purchase your outdoor cannabis seeds strain Click Here For Outdoor Hybrid Cannabis Strains

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