Indoor Cannabis Indica Strains

Indoor Indica is one of the most potent strains of cannabis in the world. Depending on your growing method, the THC levels can reach over 25%. Northern Lights indica is the most famous and historical type of cannabis. Indoor cannabis strains will be well adapted to controlled environments. New technology allows the grower endless freedom in manipulating cannabis growing periods. The new autoflower strains allow fast turnover ratios, you've never seen such fast flowering times. Feminized indica strains will pump out females like crazy. Your everyday cannabis seed has gone high tech.

Female indica is tough to obtain in it's purest sense, so many growers cross breed strains. A true indica is cloned for years on end or seeds are produced that can keep for years. Cloning has been found to diminish resistance and strength. A good seed will perpetuate a good indica strain on a more horticultural scale. There are legal seedbanks out there that can help with purity.

The following cannabis indica strains are for indoor growing environments. Available in feminized genetics and autoflower genetics. Click your favorite strain for good information, nice photographs and purchasing cannabis seeds online securely.

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