Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa can be on of the most favorable and potent types of cannabis grown. The most obvious genetic trait is slender leaves lighter in pigment with less chlorophyll and tall 8 to 20 foot plants when allowed to fully mature. Sativa's higher THC than CBD equals a more cerebral buzz, resulting in an escalating type of high, which can stimulate brain activity and can produce hallucinations. The Sativa plant grows up fast but takes longer to mature at 10 to 16 weeks, and requires more intense light than an Indica. It has a taste ranging from earthy to sweet and fruity with a mild smoke. Cannabis sativa originally come from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The sativa high is often characterized as energetic and euphoric working on a head buzz. Medical marijuana patients love cannabis sativa as it relieves a multitude of symptoms. "Sativas are more of a stimulant, effective in appetite stimulation, relieving depression, migraines, pain and nausea.” – The British Columbia Compassion Society.

Some of the more popular strains are Bob Marley Sativa, Durban Poison, Purple Bud, Skunk, and Super Silver Haze. Check out the following indoor and outdoor selection of cannabis sativa, you'll be directed to a secure seed store if you wish to purchase seeds online.

Indoor Sativa Strains

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Indoor Sativa is a favorite among medical marijuana growers because of the higher THC content leading to a more medicinal application. Click for Indoor Cannabis Sativa Strains

Outdoor Sativa Strains

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Outdoor Sativa is a favorite among outdoor horticulturalists because of the plant mass that can be achieved. Click for Outdoor Cannabis Sativa Strains

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