Outdoor Cannabis Sativa

Outdoor cannabis sativa is a favorite of growers because of how tall the plant can get naturally.

Imagine a twenty foot marijuana plant producing over a pound of dry marijuana bud. That's what growing cannabis outside has over inside marijuana growing. Outdoor cannabis growing is at the mercy of your area's summer daylight length. Obviously the longer your summer period is the bigger your plants will become.

Outdoor cannabis sativa will not stink as much as a pungent indica. There are pure strains of sativa genetically designed to be less smelly. Just check out the list below for details of specific strains. Feminized outdoor cannabis sativa can reduce the occurrence of males decimating your crop with seeds.

The following cannabis sativa strains are for outdoor growing environments. Feminized and autoflower genetics available. Click your favorite strain for good information, nice photographs and purchasing cannabis seeds online securely.

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